Are you embracing Industry 4.0, or fearing the future? Factories of tomorrow will be "smart factories."  At Simpson Industrial, your future is our focus.  If your company stops innovating or is slow to adapt, you will lose your competitive edge.  What steps are you taking to stay competitive?  Call us today to learn more!


Extended Reality (XR)

There is no product or technology quite as captivating as Extended Reality.  The use and integration of AR, MR, and VR technologies have already been utilized for over a decade in other industries.  The time has come to unleash XR's true potential in industrial manufacturing.


Mobile Lifting Equipment

Innovation can take many forms.  Not every product requires IoT integration to have a major impact on your every day operation.  Easily Moved Equipment is providing a unique way to re-think what is possible.  Work safely, and work smarter all with the same product.  The future requires flexibility, and EME has an exciting product line to increase your flexibility as well as your efficiency.


Smart Assembly Systems

Industry 4.0 has arrived.  Are you equipped? From light duty and low-torque, to safety critical and high-torque, we can help you select and source the right tools & assembly equipment to meet your needs.

We can even provide training on torque and fastening techniques to increase your team's knowledge.

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